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*reads youtube comments for like six seconds* 

no white ppl talk to me for the rest of the year pls :)

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❝ I mean, aren’t white punks always complaining about “blue hair” discrimination, as if a jar of Manic Panic magically re-positioned their own social status on some level of “equally” marginal footing with people of color? And where does that leave the rest of us who cannot wash our colors away? ❞


mimi thi nguyen - saying fuck you to the sexualized orientalist gaze (via schizometrics)

White people who are into body mod constantly pull this shit. People staring at your piercings and tattoos is not the same as dealing with institutionalized oppression, you soggy waffles. 

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❝ I definitely don’t think it’s racist ❞

- White proverb (via feminism5ever)



iPhone users been cracking jokes about big ass Android phones for 3 years. Now that Apple has finally announced a big ass iPhone its suddenly going to be the greatest thing in the world




Just because I find you attractive doesnt mean I like you. You appeal to my eyes, not my heart or mind. It’s not that deep.

Who would win in a fistfight, Marx or Lenin?


This is the purpose of historical materialism. This is what everything’s been about. Let’s get to it. 

Alright I googled “Vladimir Lenin height and weight” and got directed to this guardian article. Assuming this information is true (I know, it’s The Guardian), Lenin was 5’5”, 165 lbs. I tried googling for Marx’s height/weight but didn’t find any direct results. However, one Yahoo Answers user described him as being of “average height” and referred to this website which posted the following quote: 

Marx greatly impressed as all. He was of medium height, broad-shouldered, powerful in build, and vigorous in his movements. His forehead was high and finely shaped, his hair thick and pitch-black, his gaze piercing. Marx was a born leader of the people. His speech was brief, convincing and compelling in its logic. He never said a superfluous word; every sentence contained an idea and every idea was an essential link in the chain of his argument.

So Marx was definitely medium height. We should then be able to reasonably infer his height from looking at whatever that medium height was, right? According to these definitely infallible statistics provided by ChaCha, the average height and weight for a man in the 1840’s was 5’6” and 140-160 lbs. So let’s say Marx was 5’6” and 160. He has an inch on Lenin, but concedes five pounds. What’s more significant here? Is an inch worth more or less than five pounds in weight? I can’t answer this right now, I’m only on the second chapter of Capital

Here’s a description of Lenin on his wikipedia article

Concerned with physical fitness, he took regular exercise,[243] enjoyed cycling, swimming, and shooting,[244] also developed a passion for mountain walking in the Swiss peaks.

So Lenin kept in shape. 

Unfortunately, “broad-shouldered and powerful in build” is much vaguer than that. I do feel comfortable asserting that Lenin would definitely win a fight against Marx with a gray beard. Young Marx vs Prime Lenin would be a good contest.

But here’s what really matters: Mao was 5’10” and 190 (according to this site which otherwise just slanders him) and worked on his father’s farm in youth, walked a shit ton and loved to swim. He has 4/5 inches and 25/30 pounds on them. Mao would wreck them both and this is why Maoism is the necessary development of Marxism-Leninism.



Why is it when I see a white girl with a tattoo on her thigh i think sexy? But a Latina I think ghettos as fuck?

because youre racist


Me: *listens to non-Muslims talk about Islam for 5 seconds*

Me: image


People often ask me “You’re not super-practising, why do you care about Islamophobia etc?”



Do you think the EDL and the BNP are going to ask me my fiqh and aqeeda before beating the shit out of me? They don’t care if a Muslim is practising or not and nor does society at large. If you say you’re a Muslim then people probably already hate you for it, regardless of anything else.

birthday in two weeks can I get a hella



If you’re not upset about Katniss, Tonto, or Khan being played by white people, but you are upset about Annie being played by a black girl, you’re probably racist.

And by probably I mean definitely.


it pisses me off bc if i want to wear  traditional clothes , everyones gna b like “look an immigrant ” but if white ppl wear it everyones like ” wow !! so culturally aware… sogood ..”

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White people in a nutshell.

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