Rabeea/Ruby. Toronto. I am a very angry 18 year old female. I make art sometimes and also accept requests for a number of things.

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Sorry, whites do and always will get a say on stuff that affects them. if you don't like it stay in your own fucking country.

I like how your train of thought is ‘I’m not racist U SHOULD GO BACK 2 YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!1!!’

If you do not like my views, I recommend that you unfollow me. Even if we are mutuals. I honestly do not mind.

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Why should white people combat or suppress their privilege. What the fuck do you want from us?

lol tho

so what's it like being racist?

I think you’re little bit better suited to answer that sweetie.

i'm a white person, but I fully support equality, and support anyone dealing with racism. what would you say to that? (it's true btw)

Good for you…?




behold, this actual bag of trash.

why do the whites love her???



Miss Universe

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white opinions dont matter more than poc opinions 

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literally all of the “news articles” talking about Malala Yousafzai winning the nobel peace prize only say that she was shot by the taliban instead of why she was chosen for a fucking Nobel prize.
So I tried to find out what they gave her a prize for - because believe it or not, “girl shot by terrorists” is not the only fucking thing there is to Ms. Yousafzai.
(For those who don’t know, she was already a political figure in Pakistan.

She was not just “a girl with a book” before being shot, she was a fucking revolutionary who spoke on national fucking news stations about the importance of women’s education programs. Nor did her activism end with the violence commited against her - she is STILL speaking about these things, but now on a smaller platform because western media only allows her to be seen as a victim of Muslim extremeism.
The west “saved” her, then not only silenced her but fucking used her as a puppet to spead racist islamobigoted propoganda to continue the fighting that she risks her fucking life to stop.

And then I found out why she got the prize, and it got worse! Ms. Yousafzai was chosen for a nobel prize because of bullshit politics. She was chosen in tandem with Kailash Satyarthi, another massively important (but less of a
media darling) activist for child rights and the ending of child slavery.

They were specifically chosen in tandem because it is important for “‘a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism’”. (nytimes: http://nyti.ms/1C0aaRp)
So they weren’t chosen because of the massively fucking important things they’ve done, but because the jackasses in Oslo think that a million dollars and a fucking medal will suddenly end all of the problems with those silly people in the middle east. You know, the middle east of fucking pakistan and india.

this is meddlesome western imperialistic bullshit at its finest, and if you aren’t pissed then you aren’t fucking awake.


My Language, My Choice 
Pacific Lutheran University

Words can hurt.
Understand your impact.
Take responsibility.


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This tweet is just YAS

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7 ways white people can combat their privilege

It’s important for everyone to begin thinking and behaving in ways that relinquish white privilege and white supremacy when it noticeably impacts daily life. Because it’s not about admitting it anymore. It’s about giving it up. Here’s a few ways how that can happen.

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Privileged people preaching nonviolence to oppressed people
Is violence


I have snakebites and I love them. I’m hot now. Call me.

white feminists needa learn that wearing wtvr u want just doesnt stop at crop tops and shorts. let desi women out in salwar kameez. let muslim women out in hijabs.let african women wear caftans. let women of color out in public without getting harassed.

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